Making History Book
Frida Chapter

The beginning

Making visible women who are part of History, starting with Frida, we are determined to build an artistic and multicultural family with members from all over the world. From now on, we will be an inclusive and supportive community founded on respect, and willing to help, support and encourage each other to achieve our goals. An empathetic and respectful community towards others and the planet.

The Making History Book is the club where you can give and receive help of any kind to another member who, just like Frida and you, loves art in all its forms. Get ready for talks, lives, streamings, exchanges of ideas and to get in touch with people with the most enriching interests, points of view and knowledge.

Mint Frida Nft

Even though Frida was born on July 6, 1907 in Coyoacan, Mexico City, she often told people she was born in 1910. 3 years after her actual birth, so that people would directly associate her with the Mexican Revolution that began in 1910.

So, as a birthday present for her, the collection will be released on July 6, 2022. When she would be turning 115 years old (112, according to her 💟)



🌱 Loading… - 25%

At this point, The Frida Chapter is officially launched. The presale and public mint is open and you can obtain one of the unique and limited Fridas in the metaverse. As a reward for being the fastest, the first 50 owners of the presale and the first 100 owners of the public mint will receive in the second chapter of The Making History Book a free airdrop of our next main character. Our social networks will start to planificate big events and social meetings to our holders.


🌹 Solidary Section - 50%

As inhabitants of this planet we consider that It is a must to be sensitive, empathetic and aware of The world we live in and the impact we have on it. So in this section we would like to demonstrate our commitment by dedicating a percentage of what has been collected so far (between 5% and 10%) to these causes:

1. We will choose an NGO to allocate funds for the schooling of disadvantaged children.
2. To compensate for the environmental damage caused by mining and all the electronic waste that is generated, we will donate part of the funds to @theoceancleanup that are dedicated to building machines and networks to keep our oceans cleaner.
3. Finally, we will also use dime of the funds to plant trees and create a new forest, which in honor of our first chapter of the book will be called "Frida Kahlo's Forest".


🌸 Growth - 75%

Now we are totally determined and committed to start writing the second chapter of The Making History Book. We will be delighted to know the opinion of our holders through our discord, Twitter and Instagram, about which character do you think should be the protagonist of our second chapter. In addition and more importantly, as a thank you to our holders, we will airdrop to each of you who has 2 or more Fridas in your wallet, 1 illustration of our second character (for example, if you hold 4 Fridas you will get 2 illustrations, if you hold 6 you will get 3 if you hold 8 you will get 4 and so on) we will notify on our social networks the moment in which the screenshot will be made.


🌞 The Golden Ticket - 100%

The first and more exclusive chapter of The Making History Book will be here to stay. As soon as the first chapter is completely sold, we want to reward the owner of our unique Frida 1/1 Gold with a kind of “Golden Ticket”. The holder would get the 5% OF ALL FUNDS RAISED! ( 6 ETH more or less ) This is only the beginning since we will also allocate a generous part of the royalties to give more benefits to our holders as a thank you for your trust.


At this moments our developers are full dedicated to the second chapter of The Making History Book. And so that the wait until its launch becomes shorter, we will use a good part of the royalties obtained to generate more value for our holders in various ways: We will buy Fridas from the floor that we will then raffle among our holders (the more Fridas you have, the more chances you will have to win).

We want a freethinking community involved with all types of cultural and artistic disciplines as well as all kind of cultural issues, so we want to create an exclusive cultural club where our holders share their works, ideas and their way of seeing the world, as well as creating exclusive events and parties where there will also be time to have fun. ! We will always be available on our social media to listen to the ideas from our community that we will surely incorporate into this list with pleasure! This is just the beginning of our book that we will be writing together as one of the best communities we will become. lots of love, always yours :)

Frequently asked questions

What is The Making History Book: Frida Chapter?

MHB is a project within the Ethereum blockchain.

MHB is being part of an artistic and inclusive club that serves as a bridge between people from all over the world who want to share their projects and support each other by owning collectible characters that made history.

Frida, an inspiring and revolutionary icon, a woman not afraid to think, say and do despite the times, is the first chapter of our book.

When can i buy a Frida?

The collection will be released on July 6, 2022, in honor of Frida's birthday, who was born on July 6, 1907.

The presale date is July 6, 2022 at 18:00 UTC and the public sale will start at 20:00 UTC. Follow our official channels to find out the latest news.

What wallet i can use?

All wallets in the Ethereum ecosystem are compatible with our project. Our recommendation is Metamask.

What is the price of NFT?

The price will be 0.035 ETH plus gas costs (the gas contracts are optimized for lowers costs).

Where can i sell my NFT?

You can sell and buy at Opensea. MHB will not be responsible for exchanges for other marketplaces.